Team 3G Practice Schedule

JOAD Club-Adult and Youth

Tuesday at the Ben Avery East indoor range from 6-8 pm, and open shooting from 5-9 pm.

August 30, September 6th, and 20th at Ben Avery indoor shooting range JOAD 2-4 with open shooting from 1-6 pm, Also September 27th from JOAD from 3:30-5:30 and open shooting from 3-8 pm.

     October through December most Saturdays coaches are at Heroes Park Archery range from 8-10 am (NE corner 83rd Ave. and Bethany Home Rd; East of the Ramada area)

     3G (Go Get Gold) Team is a registered USA Archery JOAD CLUB

    Our JOAD (Junior Olympic Archery Development) club is open to all Youth archers through the age of 20, that has taken either one set of beginner classes, private lessons or has approval of one of our coaches. You will have available 4+ hours of coaching most weeks, earn achievement pins, play games designed around the skills being taught, help develop a personal training plan based on your availability. You must also be a member of  USA Archery. 

     3G Adult JOAD team, also earns awards for improving your skill.

     Archery is a sport that epitomizes the quote by Clint Eastwood "What you put into life is what you get out.". The sport of Archery, like any sport, requires a commitment from the Archer.Our programs are designed for archers of any skill level, if you want to become good enough to tryout for the next Olympic team or to  have a successful hunt this fall. 3G JOAD will help you achieve your goals.  

    EQUIPMENT: If you do not have equipment yet, talk to a coach before you make a purchase. We will help you make a wise investment that will last, grow as needed with the archer’s skill level and size.


(See Membership tab for registration information, fees and bow rental.)

Phone 602-320-5132-Coach Carmen

  Phone 602-320-3340-Coach Dave   

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